[CalendarServer-users] Read-only contacts

Carsten Pohle cpohle at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 00:49:43 PDT 2014

Hi Andre,

thanks for your reply.

> The only immediate answer I have is the service-wide caldavd.plist
> EnableReadOnlyServer
> When set to true, nothing is writable.

Since the server hosts also calendards and other address books that must
be writable to all principals, this would not be a solution.

But maybe - as a workaround - one could set up a second, read-only
server and transparently replicate / pull any changes from the first
(read/write) one? It then would be possible to configure the read-only
server for some users and the main server for others.

Did anyone implement such a setup? Is there some documentation or HOWTO

> There may be another option in the future, as we have been developing more stuff around shared address book collections, however we haven't yet had a release with any of those features. Also I don't believe there is any client support anywhere for managing shared address books, although that doesn't mean you can't use the feature(s), it just means you have to hand-craft some requests to manage the sharing state.

I'm afraid this won't be possible without some documentation. Currently,
the lack of (at least a little) more comprehensive docs is _the_ major
obstacle in implementing the open source DCS in production environments.
Obviously, this is an (intended) point for buying OS X server ;-).


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