[CalendarServer-users] calendarserver-users Digest, Vol 92, Issue 5

Andy Knasinski ajk at nrgsoft.com
Mon May 12 08:43:02 PDT 2014

Not sure how to check on version.


returns a "2"

proxydbservice is using sqlite

i can't seem to find an error log, if i look at web admin


i see an access log and server log

We don't run any backup on this box.  

On Apr 21, 2014, at 2:00 PM, calendarserver-users-request at lists.macosforge.org wrote:

> What version of Calendar Server are you using? Is the server configuration customized in any way with respect to the proxy (delegation) data storage? This is represented in the ProxyDBService dict in caldavd.plist. It?s either going to be storing this data in an sqlite DB, or in a postgres DB. Sqlite is the default.
> Also, check Calendar Server?s error.log, which might be at /var/log/caldavd/error.log.
> Do you have any sort of backup automation that might be causing this? I?m not intimately familiar with our usage of the sqlite DB for proxy storage, but it?s sqlite3, it could in theory become damaged in an improper shutdown. Note also that any backups of this file should only be taken when the service is offline, to ensure that the sqlite DB file is consistent and quiesced.

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