[CalendarServer-users] calendarserver-users Digest, Vol 92, Issue 5

Andre LaBranche dre at apple.com
Mon May 12 10:13:35 PDT 2014

> On May 12, 2014, at 8:43 AM, Andy Knasinski <ajk at nrgsoft.com> wrote:
> Not sure how to check on version.

{9} andre at foci [cs/trunk] % cat calendarserver/version.py
version = "6.0b.trunk-r13468"

> http://server.com:8008/.calendarserver_version
> returns a "2"

Yeah that’s … very old, and was only relevant a long time ago (or for very VERY long-range upgrades).

> proxydbservice is using sqlite

Have you tried using sqlite3 tools to export / dump the proxydb on a periodic basis, to check for any unexpected changes?

> i can't seem to find an error log, if i look at web admin
> http://server.com:8008/admin/logs/
> i see an access log and server log

You’re definitely using a recent version; the web admin log viewer is pretty new. This view of error.log should be the same as the on-disk view.

> We don't run any backup on this box.  

I think the next task is to find the logs. The log location is likely decided by how you installed Calendar Server. If you’re running from an SVN checkout, you’ll find them at data/Logs (relative to the SVN checkout directory). If not, check Calendar Server’s caldavd.plist for “LogRoot”. Any config keys not defined in caldavd.plist inherit default values from twistedcaldav/stdconfig.py.

If the error.log doesn’t tell you anything useful at the default log level, you can increase the verbosity of the logs by setting DefaultLogLevel in caldavd.plist to something like info or debug.

At debug log level, in trunk and recent versions, something like the following is logged at ‘debug’ level whenever a client changes their delegate configuration:

2014-05-12 10:06:00-0700 [DirectoryProxyAMPProtocol,0,] [txdav.who.delegates#debug] Setting delegate assignments for 10000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001 (read) to [u'10000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000004']

You can set the verbosity for specific types of log messages (overriding the default) as follows, allowing you to fine-tune which messages you’d like to see.

1) Look at sample log message of the type you wish to become more verbose, in the last square bracketed section before the actual message. In the above case, txdav.who.delegates#debug. This shows the log component and log level of the message.

2) Set verbosity for that component in the LogLevels dict in caldavd.plist, e.g.

    <!-- Log level overrides for specific functionality -->

The proxy / delegation related log messages you might expect to see will depend on which version of the server you’re running. Big changes lately in directory land :)


> On Apr 21, 2014, at 2:00 PM, calendarserver-users-request at lists.macosforge.org wrote:
>> What version of Calendar Server are you using? Is the server configuration customized in any way with respect to the proxy (delegation) data storage? This is represented in the ProxyDBService dict in caldavd.plist. It?s either going to be storing this data in an sqlite DB, or in a postgres DB. Sqlite is the default.
>> Also, check Calendar Server?s error.log, which might be at /var/log/caldavd/error.log.
>> Do you have any sort of backup automation that might be causing this? I?m not intimately familiar with our usage of the sqlite DB for proxy storage, but it?s sqlite3, it could in theory become damaged in an improper shutdown. Note also that any backups of this file should only be taken when the service is offline, to ensure that the sqlite DB file is consistent and quiesced.

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