[CalendarServer-users] why schedule status value table does not contain 2.0

Gaurav Jain monkeyfdude at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 12:39:16 PDT 2015


I need a clarification for RFC 6638

4.2.  Processing "Attendee" Replies


The server MUST also update or add the "SCHEDULE-STATUS" property
   parameter on each matching "ATTENDEE" iCalendar property and set its
   value to that of the "REQUEST-STATUS" property in the reply, or to
*   "2.0" if "REQUEST-STATUS" is not present (also taking into account*
   recurrence instances).  If there are multiple "REQUEST-STATUS"
   properties in the reply, the "SCHEDULE-STATUS" property parameter
   value is set to a comma-separated list of status codes, one from each
   "REQUEST-STATUS" property.

However, 3.2.9.  Schedule Status Values does not contain 2.0 as one of the

It only contains 1.x, 3.x and 5.x

why schedule status value table does not contain 2.0?

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