[CalendarServer-users] Groups with members, but no members with group memberships!

Tim McBride tim at deviousgeek.com
Tue Feb 3 20:18:01 PST 2015

Hi Guys,

I've been using 6.0 and have been having some trouble getting groups
working properly. Namely, I have groups that have members, but when I
go to an individual user, that user will have nothing listed under
"Group Memberships".

I am using OpenLDAP and a groupOfUniqueNames object class to store my
groups. The issue, as I understand it, is that calendarserver is
querying the groups for the principal UID, and not the distinguished
name, of the user.This will not work as the 'uniqueMember' attribute
of 'groupofUniqueNames' is a fully qualified DN, and not a uid.

Anyone have experience with 6.x and OpenLDAP?

Many thanks in advance.

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