[CalendarServer-users] First request ignored

Ulrich Fourier ulrich.fourier at rockyourlife.de
Fri Jan 16 08:16:12 PST 2015

Ok so I tried it with the mac of a colleague who has the Calendar.app
7.0 under Mac OS 10.9.5.
The same Problem occured.
Is it because I'm using the file system as storage?

On 16.01.15 16:50, Cyrus Daboo wrote:
> Hi Ulrich,
> --On January 16, 2015 at 4:46:27 PM +0100 Ulrich Fourier
> <ulrich.fourier at rockyourlife.de> wrote:
>> I've setup calendarserver 3.2 on my debian wheezy using the filesystem
>> as storage.
>> Every time I add a new appointment to my calendar in iCal and give it a
>> Name, after the next sync with the Server it reverts to the old name
>> ("new Event").
>> It seems like just the second change will be actually changed on the
>> server.
>> Same Behavior when I change the time. And I also need to delete every
>> appointment two times.
>> I attached the access.log file, there you can clearly see that the
>> server gets a GET request right after deletion and I need to delete the
>> appointment a second time.
> Looks like the client is not handling ETags properly and so gets 412
> errors after each change. Can you try this with a more recent version
> of the client and see if the problem persists?

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