[CalendarServer-users] LDAP Authentication Guidance

Asai asai at globalchange.media
Fri Mar 27 16:27:57 PDT 2015


I been setting up  CalendarServer on Ubuntu and have been able to get 
everything working in general for testing and development, but I really 
really could use some help in getting the LDAP authentication set up.  I 
have OpenLDAP installed at it's most basic, but I'm trying to figure out 
how to get this to work.  I have added People (ou=people) and Groups ( 
as well as Resources and Locations ), but I'm having a hard time 
figuring out what I'm doing wrong.  Do I need to create a custom 
schema?  Some of the fields in the caldavd.plist I have changed over, 
for example, uid to cn, but I'm still not getting authentication to 
work.  So, I must be missing something.  I should add, I am an 
experienced sysadmin and developer, but I don't have much knowledge of LDAP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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