[CalendarServer-users] Instability since 10.9 to 10.10 change: frequenct CalDAVAccountRefreshQueueableOperation errors

Sean McBride sean at rogue-research.com
Fri Mar 27 14:55:00 PDT 2015

Hi dre,

Thanks for responding.  I've filed <rdar://problem/20330090>.

I've formulated the bug a little differently, focusing on the fact that it's constantly consuming all my CPU, since that reproduces 100% and is hopefully the root cause of my other issue anyway.

Hopefully the logs will be revealing, but if not I can do any other thing that can help you help me. :)



On Wed, 25 Mar 2015 12:25:42 -0700, Andre LaBranche said:

>We’d need more information to diagnose this issue. Since you are filing
>a bug about Server.app, we’re going to send you through the non-
>opensource route so we can leverage diagnostic tools present in Server
>and OS X. Can you please file a bug at http://bugreporter.apple.com
>(doing this requires a developer.apple.com account - the non-paid kind
>is sufficient), and do the following:
>1) Please run: sudo serverloggather
>2) Please run: sudo sysdiagnose
>Both of these tools will produce a diagnostic archive. The path to the
>archive is printed after the tool completes. Please attach both archives
>to your bug report. If you like, you can reply here with the bug number
>once you have filed the bug, so we can pluck it directly from the
>incoming ADC queue.
>> On Mar 25, 2015, at 11:55 AM, Sean McBride <sean at rogue-research.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I had calendar working great on OS 10.9 / Server 3, but ever since
>"upgrading" to OS 10.10 / Server 4 it periodically goes into a death
>spiral where clients receive the following:
>> --------------
>> Access to account “User Name” is not permitted.
>> The server responded:
>> “403”
>> to operation CalDAVAccountRefreshQueueableOperation.
>> --------------
>> Stopping/Starting the calendar services fixes this for a day or so
>then I must repeat.
>> Any suggestions on how to debug this?
>> Thanks,
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