[CalendarServer-users] configuration for APNS push notifications

Lucian Szantho lucian.szantho at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 01:28:07 PST 2015

Hi, I am trying to setup push notifications in CalendarServer 7 and I think
I have managed to figure out how to configure the Notifications/APNS in
caldavd-dev.plist; when I connect the iOS Calendar client, I can see that
inside the Preferences/Accounts the setting: "Refresh Calendar: Push".
Server side, I have checked and the SubscriptionURL has received a http
request with the "key" and "token" parameters. But the notifications are
not working between two devices (Macbook and iPhone).

I have figured out that I didn't use a correct certificate/key. However I
am still confused about the following:
* what is expected in the AuthorityChainPath?
* how can I get the required certificates and key that would work for the
calendarserver? I know that on OSX Server.app this is automated.
* the push topic is the bundleID of the target app. does this mean that
push notifications would work only for the OSX/iOS Calendar client?

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