[CalendarServer-users] Apple's Contacts client doesn't like nonstandard ports

Kyle Silfer kyle at rtoads.com
Sun Jan 24 14:53:01 PST 2016

Here’s another piece of info I found out by trial and error and have been meaning to report.

Apple's Contacts client refuses to connect on nonstandard ports (for example, it wants 8843 for SSL). You have the option to change the port number after it fails its initial connect, but it doesn't really work. Once I matched the port number, it worked fine for newer clients (although not with the OS X 10.6 Address Book).

Because calendarserver delivers both Contacts and Calendars on the same port (8443 by default), it becomes necessary to do something like redirect port 8843 to 8443 either on the host (using rinetd in Linux) or using NAT on an external device.


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