[CalendarServer-users] endless loop on resources/locations

Dirk-Willem van Gulik dirkx at webweaving.org
Fri Jan 13 04:50:43 PST 2017

Trying to get a 9.0 instance ready for migration; taking the stock example files (ignoring the ones in the distribution with obviously wrong GUIDs); I see the server hang the second I add (full file: http://pastebin.com/ZQCYqdAb):

>     <key>ResourceService</key>
>     <dict>
>       <key>Enabled</key>
>       <true/>
>       <key>type</key>
>       <string>xml</string>
>       <key>params</key>
>       <dict>
>         <key>xmlFile</key>
>         <string>/usr/local/etc/caldavd/resources/locations-resources.xml</string>
>         <key>recordTypes</key>
>         <array>
>             <string>locations</string>
>             <string>resources</string>
>         </array>
>       </dict>
>     </dict>

below in — just after the more or less identical entry for accounts.xml. location-resources.xml is taking from samples — albeit with the GUIDs modernized to actual UUIDs.

> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <directory realm="Test Realm">
>   <record type="location">
>     <short-name>location%02d</short-name>
>     <guid>A8022A2A-D355-40A2-BC60-D7F123661B4A</guid>
>     <uid>location%02d</uid>
>     <full-name>Room %02d</full-name>
>   </record>
>   <record type="resource">
>     <short-name>resource%02d</short-name>
>     <guid>B8022A2A-D355-40A2-BC60-D7F123661B4A</guid>
>     <uid>resource%02d</uid>
>     <full-name>Resource %02d</full-name>
>   </record>
> </directory>

The server hangs during startup; just after

2017-01-13T12:38:06+0000 [txdav.common.datastore.upgrade.sql.upgrade.UpgradeDatabaseOtherStep#warn] Beginning database other upgrades check.
2017-01-13T12:38:06+0000 [txdav.common.datastore.upgrade.sql.upgrade.UpgradeDatabaseOtherStep#warn] No dropbox migration - managed attachments not enabled
2017-01-13T12:38:06+0000 [txdav.common.datastore.upgrade.sql.upgrade.UpgradeDatabaseOtherStep#warn] Database other upgrades check complete.

And prior to to listening to inbound http request.

Does that ring a bell with anyone ? Stock freebsd-11, 9.0 form ports.


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