[CalendarServer-users] Semantics of bulk POST wrt. implicit scheduling

Peter Mogensen apm at one.com
Wed Jul 5 23:24:27 PDT 2017

On 2017-07-05 22:10, Andre LaBranche wrote:
> It sounds like you want to opt out of IMIP on a per-resource basis. I don't think there is support for this concept as such, but you can get that effect by stripping the organizer before POSTing (I would copy it to the notes field or something, probably). I could see this as a client feature, or even just an external script run by the user. I don't think this could be achieved with only a server or protocol change without breaking existing behavior, as the user would need some way to express their intent, so the client needs to help.

I suppose it could also be done by setting SCHEDULE-AGENT=CLIENT on all 
scheduling properties.
Unfortunately it defaults to server if not set.


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