[CalendarServer-users] Questions regarding delegation, attachments and time errors

Ian Baker ibaker at eem.ca
Wed May 31 10:09:47 PDT 2017

Thanks Andre, I’ll have a poke at your suggestions and follow-up shortly.

Just wondering - would exporting the entire calendar to a .ics file, deleting the current calendar, then removing the problematic event before importing the .ics file into a new calendar be an option here?  Would there be any undesirable side effects of the export/import?

Thanks again for your time,


> On May 30, 2017, at 9:46 PM, Andre LaBranche <dre at apple.com> wrote:
>> On May 29, 2017, at 12:44 PM, Ian Baker <ibaker at eem.ca <mailto:ibaker at eem.ca>> wrote:
>> Just wondering if there are any suggestions about this “You are not authorized to access this resource” issue wjem trying to delete this corrupt event.
> Hi,
> I guess my next suggestion would be to try doing that kind of curl delete on a newly test event in the same calendar as the problem event. That should validate that this curl approach can work.
> If that test succeeds, this suggests there is something about the event itself that is making it not deletable at the HTTP / CalDAV layer. In this case, you could try calendarserver_verify_data's "nuke" option, which supports three different methods for identifying the target.
> ╭─ andre at zomg ~/work/ccs-calendarserver
> ╰─ $ ./bin/calendarserver_verify_data --help
> Usage: calendarserver_verify_data [options]
> Version: 13
> This tool scans the calendar store to look for and correct any
> problems.
> Modes of operation:
> -h                  : print help and exit.
> --ical              : verify iCalendar data.
> --mismatch          : verify scheduling state.
> --missing           : display orphaned calendar homes - can be used.
>                       with either --ical or --mismatch.
> --double            : detect double-bookings.
> --dark-purge        : purge room/resource events with invalid organizer
> --split             : split recurring event
> --upgrade           : upgrade iCalendar data.
> --nuke PATH|UID|RID : remove specific calendar resources - can
>                       only be used by itself. PATH is the full
>                       /calendars/__uids__/XXX/YYY/ZZZ.ics object
>                       resource path. UID is the iCalendar UID,
>                       prefixed with "uid:", of the resources to
>                       remove. RID is the SQL DB resource-id.
> ... [truncated]
> -dre

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