[darwinbuild] BIG CHANGES

Kevin Van Vechten kevin at opendarwin.org
Fri Jul 8 17:46:28 PDT 2005

!!! The sources in CVS at src/build/darwinbuild will no longer be  
maintained.  They have moved to proj/darwinbuild !!!

The new darwinxref is fully functional, and darwinbuild has been  
updated to use it.  The proj/darwinbuild directory contains a fully- 
functional darwinbuild, with the exception of the auxiliary scripts  
(i.e. installheaders, packageRoots) and plists for any of the Darwin  
7 builds.  Once I move these over, I'll produce a darwinbuild-0.6  

- Kevin

Some notable changes:

* darwinbuild and darwinxref are now installed into /usr/local
* darwinbuild can download plists from OpenDarwin.og
* darwinbuild -init <build> can be used to initialize the current  
directory as a build environment
     $ mkdir /tmp/8A428
     $ cd /tmp/8A428
     $ darwinbuild -init 8A428
     $ sudo -s
     # darwinbuild xnu

* new builds can be bootstrapped using the -depsbuild argument,  
specifying which build dependencies should be pulled from
     $ mkdir /tmp/8B15
     $ cd /tmp/8B15
     $ darwinbuild -init 8B15
     $ sudo -s
     # darwinbuild -depsbuild=8A428 xnu

On Jun 2, 2005, at 4:47 PM, Kevin Van Vechten wrote:

> I've committed largely re-written version of darwinxref to CVS at  
> proj/darwinbuild/darwinxref.
> Some of the major changes include:
> * NeXT-style property list support
>     -- XML was illegible, but will still be supported.
> * Build plists now contain a dictionary of projects, not an array.
>     -- Makes syntax more consistent with semantics.
>     -- Improved viewing in the Property List Editor.
> * Dependency property is a dictionary of dependency types.
>     -- Better organization of dependencies in the plist.
> * Plug-in architecture for build plist properties.
>     -- Provide future and site-specific extensibility.
>     -- Potential for integration with DarwinPorts.
> - Kevin

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