[darwinbuild] Building root/header packages

Kevin Van Vechten kevin at opendarwin.org
Thu Jul 28 19:03:36 PDT 2005

What's the error you're seeing?

I haven't ever tried running an 8A428 userland on a 7W98 kernel.   
There are quite a few things that likely won't work.

- Kevin

On Jul 28, 2005, at 6:11 PM, Michael Franz wrote:

> After giving this another try.  I used the latest from CVS.  Followed
> the steps to setup an image and then build.
> The downloads work and the environment seems to be setup correctly,
> but the chroot environment does not run.  This seems like the same
> problem I had with the previous release.
> If I do: darwinbuild -nochroot xnu  -- xnu builds, but if I do not
> pass the -nochroot, the process just stops after mounting the devfs.
> Is anyone having success with Panther?  Is my system messed up?
> Shouldn't the chroot env. guarantee a consistent environment?
> Michael

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