[darwinbuild] using darwinbuild for pure darwin projects?

Chuck Remes cremes at opendarwin.org
Thu Sep 15 21:04:00 PDT 2005

How do we build projects that are not part of the Apple release using  
darwinbuild? In anticipation of the upcoming OpenDarwin 8.2.1 release  
I'd like to make sure the ODTulipDriver project can be packaged and  
built using the same mechanisms as the rest of the OS.

I've looked at the plists and see how to create an entry for  
ODTulipDriver. It's essentially a copy & paste of the entry for  

This leads to a few questions.

1. How do we create the tarball that darwinbuild will look for and  
2. Once the aforementioned tarball is created, should it be uploaded  
to darwinsources.opendarwin.org or will it live somewhere else?  
(Perhaps a special place for pure darwin projects so it doesn't  
"pollute" the OS sources directory?)

I've written and tested the code so the driver works with the new  
KPIs. I haven't committed it to the OD cvs yet but will do so in the  
coming days. After I do that though, I want to make sure I can get on  
board for the 8.2.1 release.


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