[darwinbuild] using darwinbuild for pure darwin projects?

Kevin Van Vechten kevin at opendarwin.org
Thu Sep 15 21:10:58 PDT 2005

On Sep 15, 2005, at 9:04 PM, Chuck Remes wrote:

> 1. How do we create the tarball that darwinbuild will look for and  
> download?

Naming conventions are that the tarball has the same name as the  
project-version, and extracts into a directory of that same name, i.e.:

$ tar tzvf ODTulipDriver-1.tar.gz

> 2. Once the aforementioned tarball is created, should it be  
> uploaded to darwinsources.opendarwin.org or will it live somewhere  
> else? (Perhaps a special place for pure darwin projects so it  
> doesn't "pollute" the OS sources directory?)

The build-global "source_sites" property is an array of URLs to  
search for source tarballs. The 8C46od1.plist specifies "http:// 
release.opendarwin.org/release/8.2.1/Roots/8C46od1/".  We should  
upload ODTulipDriver there.

> I've written and tested the code so the driver works with the new  
> KPIs. I haven't committed it to the OD cvs yet but will do so in  
> the coming days. After I do that though, I want to make sure I can  
> get on board for the 8.2.1 release.


- Kevin

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