[darwinbuild] using darwinbuild for pure darwin projects?

Shantonu Sen ssen at opendarwin.org
Thu Sep 15 21:42:15 PDT 2005

> ODTulipDriver project can be packaged and built

Do you use Xcode? If so, it should "just work", and essentially  
"xcodebuild install DSTROOT=/tmp/foo.dst" will be used to product  
your kext and associated files.

If you're makefile based, you need to conform to some of the makefile  
targets documented here <http://opendarwin.org/projects/darwinbuild/ 
doc/build/index.html#installhdrs>, like "make install", "make  
installsrc", etc.

If you have both a makefile and an xcode project, darwinbuild will  
prefer the xcode project.

On Sep 15, 2005, at 9:10 PM, Kevin Van Vechten wrote:

> On Sep 15, 2005, at 9:04 PM, Chuck Remes wrote:
>> 1. How do we create the tarball that darwinbuild will look for and  
>> download?
> Naming conventions are that the tarball has the same name as the  
> project-version, and extracts into a directory of that same name,  
> i.e.:

If this is too onerous, we could investigate alternate  
specifications. For instance, DarwinPorts gives you full control over  
what the source is named, what compression it uses, and what the  
directory will extract to. That hasn't been much of a problem so far.

>> 2. Once the aforementioned tarball is created, should it be  
>> uploaded to darwinsources.opendarwin.org or will it live somewhere  
>> else? (Perhaps a special place for pure darwin projects so it  
>> doesn't "pollute" the OS sources directory?)
> The build-global "source_sites" property is an array of URLs to  
> search for source tarballs. The 8C46od1.plist specifies "http:// 
> release.opendarwin.org/release/8.2.1/Roots/8C46od1/".  We should  
> upload ODTulipDriver there.

Additionally, projects can override source_sites and binary_sites  
xar = {
                         source_sites = (
                         version = 1.0;

In this case, the official "xar-1.0.tar.gz" is posted on xar's web  
page, but we add our own source_sites for patches that may be  

binary_sites should probably be hosted all together for consistency.


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