[darwinbuild] proposed modification to InstallHeader() behavior

Kevin Van Vechten kevin at opendarwin.org
Mon Sep 26 17:08:51 PDT 2005

I'd like to modify the InstallHeader() behavior so that installhdrs  
done locally will get loaded into the BuildRoot if they're newer than  
what's already in there.  Presently InstallHeaders does not let you  
"downgrade" from a full root to a headers root.

The new logic should read as follows:

1) Install a self-built headers root if newer than headers or full  
root in BuildRoot
2) Install a self-built full root if newer than headers or full root  
in BuildRoot
3) Install a pre-built headers root if nothing installed in BuildRoot
4) Install a pre-built full root if no pre-built headers root was found

Since I didn't want to break anyone else's installation, I've  
attached a patch for review.  It seems to be working fine on my system.


- Kevin

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