[darwinbuild] booting xnu 8G32

Mark Pauley mpauley at mac.com
Thu Feb 2 10:59:55 PST 2006

Hm, typically when I can't even get to the verbose logging I find  
that the issue is that the booter can't even find either the kernel  
or the kextcache.  There shouldn't be any permissions issues at that  
stage, but generally booter + kernel + gets you to verbose output and  
then kext_cache is just about the first thing loaded once the kernel  
takes over.  Perhaps the issue is that the kernel failed to load?

Has anyone else had problems getting a home-rolled kernel to load  
like this?


On Feb 2, 2006, at 10:53 AM, ritchie wrote:

> On 06-02-06, at 1419 , Mark Pauley wrote:
>> What happens when you boot in verbose mode (hold down apple-v)?   
>> Perhaps you need to touch your /System/Library/Extensions  
>> directory, so you don't try to use the old kernel kext-cache with  
>> your new kernel?
> I set it to boot in verbose mode in open firmware, but it doesn't  
> even get that far. I may have to see if I can turn kernel logging  
> or something on, to figure out exactly how far it's going. I'll try  
> touching the /System/Library/Extensions, though I assumed that's  
> what kextcache -c -K /newkernel did explicitly. thanks for the  
> suggestions. have you booted to 8.4.1? I may try an install of  
> 10.4.3 on an external disk and build the previous version to see if  
> that works.
> r.

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