[darwinbuild] Build failures: IOKitUser, IOADBFamily, ...: installXcodebuild the culprit?

Dustin Lang dalang at cs.ubc.ca
Mon Jan 9 14:10:15 PST 2006

Hi again,

Making the "as" fix allowed me to build xnu.  Next I tried IOKitUser, but 
this failed:
darwinbuild IOKitUser
IOADBLib.c:23:39: Kernel/IOKit/adb/IOADBLib.h: No such file or directory

I thought I'd try installing the IOADBFamily headers, but this failed 
darwinbuild -headers IOADBFamily
/bin/sh: line 1: /Developer/Tools/pbxcp: No such file or directory

Now here's something that strikes me as odd:
> find . -name pbxcp

This name change ("Developer" to "XCD/loper") seems to come from the 
"CopyFiles()" function in "installXcodebuild".  Can someone explain what's 
going on?

For reference:
> ls BuildRoot/Developer/
Documentation   Makefiles
> ls BuildRoot/XCD/
SY      lib     loper   share
> ls BuildRoot/XCD/loper/
Makefiles       Private         Tools
> ls BuildRoot/XCD/loper/Tools/
.DS_Store               MergePef                SetFile 
cvs-unwrap              pbutil
BuildStrings            MvMac                   SplitForks 
cvs-wrap                pbxcp
CpMac                   ResMerger               UnRezWack 
cvswrappers             pbxhmapdump
DeRez                   Rez                     WSMakeStubs 
pbhelpindexer           sdp
GetFileInfo             RezWack                 agvtool 
pbprojectdump           uninstall-devtools.pl

I tried symbolic linking /XCD/loper/Tools to /Developer/Tools, and after I 
did that, darwinbuild -headers IOADBFamily completed successfully.

(However, IOKitUser still fails:
IOADBLib.c:23:39: Kernel/IOKit/adb/IOADBLib.h: No such file or directory)

I'm sorry I can't track this down further - I don't speak "sed", and, 
frankly, don't want to learn.

By the way, I'm also seeing a lot of complains about "javaconfig" being 
missing, eg:
> darwinbuild IOKitUser
Build log begins here:

make: javaconfig: Command not found
== Making IOKit for ppc ==

What's that all about?


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