[darwinbuild] Re: LibSecurity Keychain

John Cebasek johnc at cryptocard.com
Thu Jan 19 12:34:25 PST 2006

Hi Kevin:

When you say "you will also need to build the Security framework", that's 

darwinbuild Security

isn't it?

I'm getting an error in the log (sorry, it's on my Mac, and I'm on a wintel 
box now) where it's failing during linking:

ld: Can't open /AppleInternal/Developer/seg_addr_table for -seg_addr_table 
/AppleInternal/Developer/seg_addr_table (No such file or directory...

Obviously, that's a i386 thing, and I'm building on my PPC Mac.

Can we completely build Security?

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>I recommend using DarwinBuild[1] to build OS components such as 
>libsecurity_keychain.  There's a small tutorial[2] which you can  follow 
>which uses apache_mod_php as an example.  SImply substitute in 
>libsecurity_keychain instead.
> The libsecurity suite of projects is unique in that each of these 
> projects produce a small framework that isn't normally distributed on  a 
> Mac OS X system (they are in /usr/local).  After building 
> libsecurity_keychain, you will also need to build the Security  framework.
> The final result will be in the Roots/Security directory (this will  make 
> more sense after you follow the tutorial), which you can install  on your 
> system.  Be sure to make a backup copy of the existing  Security framework 
> though, just in case things do go as planned.
> - Kevin
> [1] <http://www.opendarwin.org/projects/darwinbuild/>
> [2] <http://www.opendarwin.org/projects/darwinbuild/doc/tools/ index.html>
> On Jan 18, 2006, at 8:45 AM, Will Hickie wrote:
>> How would one go about rebuilding LibSecurity_Keychain?  What does  it 
>> build to, and where does the target go in the OS?  (i.e. how do  I 
>> install the rebuilt copy of libsecurity_keychain).
>> I want to slightly modify the code.
>> I only want to rebuild this one piece.
>> Thanks,
>> Will
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