[darwinbuild] Greetings and a possible enhancement

Daniel Jalkut jalkut at red-sweater.com
Mon Jan 23 07:31:35 PST 2006

Hi - I just discovered darwinbuild. After foolishly attempting to  
build CFNetwork on my own through simple trial and error.

When I tried to use darwinbuild to build CFNetwork, I was impressed  
to see it following a dependency tree to install the required  
frameworks, tools, and headers. However, it was not quite accurate.  
It seems likely that if I were to build a few other projects first, I  
would "end up" with most of the stuff that was missing, but I assume  
ultimately you'd like to have accurate dependencies for everything.

Is it appropriate for me to submit my observations here? Or does your  
dependency info come straight from Apple?

For what it's worth, the missing stuff for building CFNetwork in a  
fresh darwinbuild 8G32 root:

1. The /usr/bin/cc link doesn't exist.  It looks like "gcc_select" is  
what ultimately installs it.

2. mach-o/dyld.h doesn't exist. It looks like a header dependency on  
"libdyld" instead of "dyld" would fix this?

3. JavaScriptGlue framework needs to be installed for CFNetwork to  

Let me know if there's a more appropriate channel for communicating  
this information, or if such precision is a design goal or not.


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