[darwinbuild-dev] Uncaught exception trying to build.

Brian Wagener brian at forceconstant.com
Thu Jul 26 18:34:39 PDT 2007

Ok I have gotten much farther in building darwin.  I was going from a old post on darwin-dev, but
now have it working.  One problem that I found is when using local plists, the initial Download of
plist doesn't work.  It seems the Download routine is looking for a directory, and not a file.

Ok so now I have a build problem.  When darwinbuild gets to start of the build log, I get an
uncaught exception.  What is wrong, and what does it mean?

Build log begins here:

2007-07-26 18:27:07.968 xcodebuild[10228] Exception raised during posting of notification. 
Ignored.  exception: *** -[NSPlaceholderMutableString initWithString:]: nil argument
(NOTE: project smb was written by an older version of Xcode (39) -- temporarily upgrading it to
version 42 (without modifying project file))

** INTERNAL ERROR: Uncaught Exception **
Exception: *** -[NSPlaceholderMutableString initWithString:]: nil argument
private/var/tmp/smb/build-smb-217.18~1.sh: line 138: 10228 Abort trap              xcodebuild
install "SRCROOT=/SourceCache/smb/smb-217.18" "OBJROOT=/private/var/tmp/smb/smb-217.18.obj"
"SYMROOT=/private/var/tmp/smb/smb-217.18.sym" "DSTROOT=/private/var/tmp/smb/smb-217.18.root"
"RC_ProjectName=smb" "RC_ProjectSourceVersion=217.18" "RC_ProjectNameAndSourceVersion=smb-217.18"
"NEXT_ROOT=" "RC_ARCHS=ppc i386" "RC_CFLAGS=-pipe -no-cpp-precomp -arch ppc -arch i386"
"RC_FORCE_SSE3=YES" "RC_JASPER=YES" "RC_NONARCH_CFLAGS=-pipe -no-cpp-precomp" "RC_OS=macos"

> It's possible that the plist doesn't declare smb's UserNotification header dependency.  You
should try manually loading them via:
> # darwinbuild -load UserNotification
> This will load the UserNotification root that you built into the BuildRoot, and hopefully will
let you get farther with the smb build.
> - Kevin
> On Jul 25, 2007, at 6:30 PM, Brian Wagener wrote:
>> I am trying developing on MacOS for the first time, and downloaded darwinbuild.  I am trying to
>> build smb which depends on UserNotification.  So I downloaded each one, and I got USerNotification
>> to build, but when I try to build smb, it fails that it cannot find the UserNotification headers.
>> How do I get this to work?
>> Thanks,
>> Brian

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