[darwinbuild-dev] Re: darwinbuild source

Kevin Van Vechten kvv at apple.com
Thu Nov 8 17:39:52 PST 2007

On Nov 7, 2007, at 5:51 PM, websrvr wrote:

> OK, I have Leopard usable binaries in 4 architectures (ppc7400,  
> ppc64, i386 and x86_64), I obtained the 9A581.plist file and tried  
> to build xnu as a dry run (always my first build) but it appears it  
> wants to download the root dependancies from the 8A428 repository,  
> will this be resolved soon or is there a setting I need to change or  
> a different plist file maybe?

We hope to update the 9A581.plist with Leopard dependency information  

> One other issue poped up that I'm not sure how to resolve, "/sbin/ 
> mount_volfs" doesn't exist so it can't copy the file so it fails at  
> this stage, is there a solution?

/sbin/mount_volfs isn't needed on Leopard.  A fix has been committed  
to darwinbuild trunk that only invokes the volfs path if mount_volfs  
exists on the build system.

- Kevin

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