[darwinbuild-dev] First-time darwinbuild user---xcode problems

Chris Cleeland chris.cleeland at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 08:30:25 PDT 2008


I'm a first-time darwinbuild user, having come to it because I would
like to get OpenDirectory/DirectoryService built and working on one of
my older Leopard machines.  I originally started that endeavor by
trying to build all the tools in the host OS, but ran into situations
where compilation required some private headers (e.g., CFRuntime.h),
and recommendations for resolution pointed to darwinbuild.

I grabbed 0.7.2 and commenced to "darwinbuild DirectoryService", and
had failures during setup running the installXcodebuild; some of it
appears to have worked, while other parts didn't (or at least I got
error messages from cpio and find).  In perusing the archives from
this list, I discovered some messages in January indicating that
installXcodebuild is for darwin 8/tiger, and hasn't been updated for
leopard yet, but it also sounds like a few folks have working build
setups on leopard.

For those of you who have working installs, do you have any idea what you did?

I presume that installXcodebuild is supposed to mirror some Xcode
stuff into the build root; can anybody provide an explanation of what
stuff needs to get mirrored in?

Finally, I also noticed in the archives a post indicating that Xcode
sources had been posted.  Is the need for installXcodebuild going to
go away now that those are available, and we're just waiting for some
updated darwinbuild to use those sources?

Thanks, and sorry if I'm asking obvious questions,

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