[darwinbuild-dev] buildorder (and Darwin projects build order in general)

William Siegrist wsiegrist at apple.com
Wed Sep 10 11:42:55 PDT 2008

On Sep 8, 2008, at 6:51 AM, Stuart Crook wrote:

> Hi, all. From reading through the archive it would appear that
> buildorder needs .plists ( "<build>od1.plist" ) with project group
> information to function correctly. The only references I can find have
> them stored at opendarwin.org, which isn't around any more. Are these
> files still being produced? and if so, where can I get them?
> I'm currently trying to build 9E17 on 10.5.4 with XCode 3.0 and the
> latest trunk darwinbuild, and I'm unsure whether the build failures
> I'm getting (across multiple projects) are due to dependencies or
> other problems in my toolchain, so I'd like to rule out the former.
> Failing that, can anyone suggest / point me in the direction of an
> optimal build order list. I've know about "darwinxref dependencies -
> build <project>", but the results seem to be circular / recursive so I
> though I'd pick some smarter brains instead.

The build order stuff is not required, though it could help.  I  
recommend filing tickets in the darwinbuild bug tracker so I can see  
what your errors are and comment on them individually. There are  
plenty of projects which have build issues, some of them are already  
reported there.



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