[darwinbuild-dev] Building Darwin 9 on a PowerBook G4 for a i386 PC

Dr. Rolf Jansen rj at surtec.com
Thu Sep 11 12:24:45 PDT 2008

Am 10.09.2008 um 21:09 schrieb Dr. Rolf Jansen:

> Am 10.09.2008 um 17:43 schrieb William Siegrist:
>> On Sep 10, 2008, at 1:27 PM, Dr. Rolf Jansen wrote:
>>> PowerBook G4 / Mac OS X 10.5.4 / Xcode 3.1
>>> Can darwinbuild be used for building Darwin 9.4 for a i386 PC an a
>>> PowerBook G4, or is this script meant to build Darwin for Macs only?
>> DarwinBuild is meant to assist in building darwin projects by
>> automatically handling dependencies, selection of build tool, etc.
>> I have not done what you're asking about, but it seems possible.
>> -Bill
> OK, I gave it a try:
> ...
> Seems, that I have a i386 Darwin 9.4 kernel now, I will try it out
> tomorrow at the PC and then let you know the result.
> Best regards
> Rolf

I continued building projects for i386PC and I tried to deploy them to  
the PC, and up to now to no avail. I am clueless how this can be done,  
because I failed to build a bootable CD. I assume, that this is the  
wrong list for asking questions on Darwin 9 deployment on regular  
PC's, therefore, I will join the Darwin-x86 list and perhaps ask  
sometimes some questions there.

Best regards


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