[darwinbuild-dev] Building Darwin 9 on a PowerBook G4 for a i386 PC

William Siegrist wsiegrist at apple.com
Thu Sep 11 13:08:45 PDT 2008

You both should look into PureDarwin.




On Sep 11, 2008, at 12:45 PM, Stuart Crook wrote:

> Hi, Rolf. I'm trying to do something similar and as far as I can see
> there isn't any particular "right" list to subscribe to. I'm also
> beginning to wonder whether it's actually possible to get a complete
> Darwin (separate from OS X) system ... but anyway.
> Firstly, there are still images of Darwin 8.0.1 for x86 (equivalent to
> the underpinnings of 10.4) available here: http://gulus.usherbrooke.ca/pub/distro/gnu-darwin/
>  (yes, it's over three years old). You might like to give that a try:
> it boots and installs without any extra work, and proves that at least
> it can be done.
> If you want to continue trying to build 9.4 for yourself, you can do
> worse than read this: http://tgwbd.org/darwin/ which explains some of
> the issues and how the Author's already solved some of them. You'll
> also need a working boot loader, the source code for which you can get
> from the same site.
> As I see it, there are two main issues: firstly, Darwin is an entire
> operating system, which means there's quite a lot of components to
> build, which is a pain since no-one's producing pre-build CDs any
> more. Secondly, what source is available has issues. But I guess the
> more people who take an interest, the quicker these should get spotted
> and fixed.
> I hope some of this is of a little help.
> Stuart Crook
> On 11 Sep 2008, at 20:24, Dr. Rolf Jansen wrote:
>> I continued building projects for i386PC and I tried to deploy them  
>> to
>> the PC, and up to now to no avail. I am clueless how this can be  
>> done,
>> because I failed to build a bootable CD. I assume, that this is the
>> wrong list for asking questions on Darwin 9 deployment on regular
>> PC's, therefore, I will join the Darwin-x86 list and perhaps ask
>> sometimes some questions there.
>> Best regards
>> Rolf
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