[darwinbuild-dev] Solution to libredo problem

Craig Setera craigjunk at setera.org
Mon Apr 27 12:54:45 PDT 2009

Hello all,

I'm new to darwinbuild and was having trouble trying to get it to  
build at all.  I was getting the following error message.

Undefined symbols for architecture ppc64:
   "_object_file_type", referenced from:
       SHA1DigestMachO::SHA1DigestMachO(char const*)in Digest.o

Looking a bit closer, I realized that the problem was not the  
libredo.o that is being shipped as a binary in darwinbuild, but a  
libred_prebind.a that was already sitting on my system from something  
else.  According to http://forums.macosxhints.com/archive/index.php/t-67796.html 
  this file was likely installed when I tested out PocketMac for my  
Blackberry.  After removing PocketMac, it appears to leave behind a  
bunch of files that should probably have been removed.  Unfortunately,  
the darwinbuild makefile was picking up the file from that old  
installation.  After moving that file out of the way, I was able to  
get darwinbuild to compile.  Now, I can move on to the real goal of  
building some Darwin code.

Hopefully this message will help someone else out if they run into  
this problem.

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