[darwinbuild-dev] Cannot build SecurityTokend for 10.5 or 10.6

Harning, Thomas taharning at verisign.com
Thu Sep 9 07:10:21 PDT 2010

I cannot build SecurityTokend for 10.5 OR 10.6...

I have posted tickets about the various problems encountered while trying to
	gcc-3.3 not in /usr/bin of buildroot...
	SecurityTokend depends on securityd_client/ss_types.defs but does
not pull in needed sources

	Missing dep for gnumake...

	After managing to finagle the other bugs out... an error about no
child processes that does not seem to make any sense to me..

Anybody able to build these w/ the latest stuff?  I don't have a
particularly "dirty" machine...

The machine that is doing building is 10.6 running in 32-bit mode... if that
means anything.. 10.5 stuff should certainly build at least, since there
should be nothing requiring 64-bit there, right?
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