[launchd-dev] Run job when network configuration changes

Jeremy Reichman jaharmi at jaharmi.com
Tue Dec 4 20:01:16 PST 2007

On 12/4/07 10:47 PM, "Nathan Duran" <launchd at khiltd.com> wrote:

> On Dec 4, 2007, at 7:26 PM, Jeremy Reichman wrote:
>> If I haven't filed one myself, I will be doing so. And I think I
>> have one
>> other person from the MacEnterprise set who will, as well.
> Since using an ip-up script has been known to destroy VPN connectivity
> (4873060) this would be a useful feature indeed.

Since Kicker.xml seems to be no more, it would potentially be useful to have
launchd jobs be able to fire for almost any arbitrary SystemConfiguration
change. I'm sure there is a possibility of using that for evil, so I'd want
to guard against that as much as possible.

Using launchd for this would also make the configuration much more granular
for sys admins: just drop your script and your launchd plist onto the target
computer in a launchd directory, and your job is all set to go when loaded.
Compare that to editing Kicker.xml in Tiger, which was a Apple-supplied file
in the System domain ...


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