[launchd-dev] Agent started two different was, two different bootstraps?

James Bucanek subscriber at gloaming.com
Fri Jan 25 11:28:32 PST 2008

Hamish Allan <mailto:hamish at gmail.com> wrote (Friday, January 
25, 2008 11:53 AM -0000):
>Using 'launchctl load -s Aqua ...'?

I wasn't specifying the session type. My logic being that all 
user agents should already be "locked in" to the Aqua bootstrap 
(in Leopard). In fact, when I tried to include 
LimitLoadToSessionType=Aqua in the plist, launchd ignores the 
plist entirely. I still can't decide if that's a bug or if I 
just completely misunderstand the meaning of 
LimitLoadToSessionType and/or the session type.

Dave Zarzycki <mailto:zarzycki at apple.com> wrote (Friday, January 
25, 2008 12:13 PM -0800):
>-S, not -s, but otherwise, that is probably the solution.

I'll give that a try later and see what happens.

>That should solve it for Leopard...

This is only for Leopard anyway. In Tiger, the agent gets 
installed as a login item.

James Bucanek

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