[launchd-dev] LAUNCH_KEY_GETJOB returns MACH_PORT_NULL?

Dave MacLachlan dmaclach at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 12:27:33 PDT 2010

Hey all..

So when I send a LAUNCH_KEY_CHECKIN message, I get a dictionary back  
with all the mach ports filled in for my mach services. However, if I  
send a LAUNCH_KEY_GETJOB from an external process I get MACH_PORT_NULL  
for all of the mach ports. I can look them up by using  
bootstrap_look_up, or NSMachBootstrapServer, but I was wondering what  
the reasoning was behind not returning them from a LAUNCH_KEY_GETJOB  
lookup? It appears to be an intentional design decision.

(This is what I'm seeing on 10.5 at least. Perhaps it's different on  


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