[launchd-dev] Periodic action performed by a daemon, Where to store daemon?

eveningnick eveningnick eveningnick at gmail.com
Sun Dec 26 18:41:47 PST 2010

I have written an NKE (Network filter kext).
According to the ideas of OS X, if i want to have it started everytime
the system starts, i need an autostarted daemon, which will load kext
every systemboot.
I am planning to let the user install (daemon and NKE) using supplied
PKG, which provides uninstalling script as well.
What is the best place to put the NKE and Daemon in? Is
/Library/Extensions/ appropriate path for this?

And i have an another question. If i want my daemon to talk to a kext
every 10 seconds, what kind of timer and blocking primitives (like
events in Windows) could i use? I was thinking that creating a process
(which "talks" to kext milliseconds and the shuts down) every 10
seconds is not such a good idea. What is a good practice here?

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