[libdispatch-dev] Building on Linux

Mario Schwalbe schwalbe at inf.tu-dresden.de
Wed Dec 16 06:13:42 PST 2009


Dustin Laurence schrieb:
> Hi, all.  I checked out libkqueue (r119) and libdispatch (r174) and just
> naively attempted to build.  libkqueue builds and passes it's test suite
> under gcc on Fedora 11 (x86 architecture, of course), libdispatch builds
> the library and part of the test suite but fails when it can't find
> arc4random().  (I gather this is expected.)  Of the tests that build,
> several pass.  Is this about what should happen at this stage in the
> porting effort?
> I gather that in the absence of the blocks compiler extension that
> functionally is just ripped out of the suite with the #ifdef __BLOCKS__
> directives I see in the source?  I'm just trying to understand the
> status of the port at this time and find out whether it's too soon to
> use it to write a toy program to explore the programming model.

This is the current state at the moment. If you have a look at my previous
messages on the list, you'll find some patches I submitted that at least
allow to compile libdispatch on Linux (including blocks support).

However, most of the tests do not actually complete (aka. terminate) or even
dispatch jobs correctly, so it's definitely too early to play with libdispatch
on Linux. If you like to participate in fixing those issues, you're welcome.


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