[libdispatch-dev] I missed the intro message ;)

Matt Wright matt at sysctl.co.uk
Fri Sep 11 11:12:22 PDT 2009

Hey Shantonu,

Yeah I read his email. I just must have misparsed it.

On a similar note to some of the other things I mentioned. When the  
project page talks about the kernel support, are we just talking  
kevent/kqueues here? Or are there more darwin kernel level things at  
work. I'm looking more for the limitations when targeting Leopard,  
rather than porting to non-Darwin, and moving towards using  
libdispatch linked to an application without needing to load kexts/etc  
on Leopard.

I also found it interesting that you built it so it could run without  
blocks. I found when writing WW that life was ever so much easier  
using blocks to my advantage during implementation.


On 11 Sep 2009, at 11:23, Shantonu Sen wrote:

> See Kevin's post in the list archives: <http://lists.macosforge.org/pipermail/libdispatch-dev/2009-September/000000.html 
> >
> Building (and deploying) libdispatch requires the rest of the  
> dependencies of the libSystem core system library. This will be  
> supported using the DarwinBuild tool.
> Shantonu
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> On Sep 11, 2009, at 2:52 AM, Matt Wright wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> Right, despite signing up to the mailing list this morning. I  
>> managed to miss the introduction message because I had to go to  
>> work before I'd done the confirmation email ;).
>> I'm very interested in contributing, I've had my own implementation  
>> of libdispatch's API for a week or so. Spent the morning having a  
>> little compare between how I've done mine and how yours is actually  
>> written. I don't have a paid ADC membership so much first exposure  
>> to GCD was the weekend that Snow Leopard came out, by the following  
>> weekend I was enamoured with it to the extent that I wanted to  
>> write it for Leopard.
>> So the first thing that struck me is that it doesn't build. My  
>> first guess was that it relied on being built in the presence of  
>> the darwin sources? I haven't had enough time to have a look. I'm  
>> especially interested in the line in the project description about  
>> kernel support. Are we just talking kqueue here? Or an additional  
>> kernel module?
>> From a personal standpoint, I wrote my implementation (http://daagaak.github.com/WiganWallgate/ 
>> ) in order to be able to use libdispatch calls on Leopard. I've  
>> several personal projects that I really wanted to use GCD in but  
>> without it in Leopard would mean moving my code to be Snow Leopard  
>> only. All-in-all writing my own version was a very entertaining  
>> weekend, even if it ends up getting dropped in favour of making  
>> libdispatch work on Leopard/iPhone/etc.
>> I wonder if you could shed some light on what kind of environment  
>> you need to build libdispatch in to get a successful compile. The  
>> brief "open xcode and hit build" attempt that I made this morning  
>> was not so much a success.
>> Matt
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