[libdispatch-dev] Lion branch porting status

Mark Heily mark at heily.com
Mon Aug 29 18:26:05 PDT 2011

Just a quick update on the work I've been doing with the Lion branch:

As of r30, all of the unit tests compile under Linux. There's a problem 
with the test harness that prevents 'make check' from running, but I've 
tried several of the tests individually and they appear to work. Most of 
the patches are very rough, specific to Linux only, and not ready for 
submission. I'll polish them up over the next few weeks and start 
sending them to the list.

I've created a compat/ directory and included a private copy of libbsd, 
libkqueue, libpthread_workqueue, and libMachShims. I wrote libMachShims 
based on some earlier work porting launchd to Linux. It provides a 
subset of the Mach headers and emulates some functions like 
mach_absolute_time(). This avoids the need to sprinkle #ifdefs all 
around the Mach-specific sections of code.

Once things settle down with the libdispatch porting effort, I'd like to 
take a look at if/how launchd could be combined with libdispatch to 
serve as a foundation for writing network daemons.


  - Mark

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