[libdispatch-dev] updated test results on Linux

Julien BLACHE jb at jblache.org
Thu Jan 6 09:18:54 PST 2011

Mark Heily <mark at heily.com> wrote:

Hi Mark,

> Hope everyone had a pleasant New Year holiday. I'm happy to report some
> progress with the Linux port of libdispatch. I was able to build a recent
> copy of the trunk and run the test suite without needing to apply a single
> patch to my working copy. There were no compiler warnings during the build
> process. I used the most recent version of libpthread_workqueue installed in

This is a good news! Have you got any news regarding the two kernel bugs
that we stumbled upon?

For the list:
 - setgroups() affecting only the current thread and not the whole
   process as it should
 - pthread_exit() on the main thread sending the process in the Z state


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