[libdispatch-dev] Possible race in _dispatch_logv when DISPATCH_DEBUG is defined?

Daniel A. Steffen dsteffen at apple.com
Mon Jul 4 19:48:10 PDT 2011

I'll have to check on that

On Jul 4, 2011, at 7:36 PM, DrPizza wrote:

>> I wouldn't worry about it, once the merge with the Lion changes is done, this
>> initialization will be implemented with dispatch_once_f() (still working on
>> it...)
> Oh neato. That does make more sense than the current ad hoc scheme.
> On the subject of updating the public source, do you happen to know what Apple uses for the libdispatch DLL it ships with certain Windows applications (found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support\libdispatch.dll)? Is there any chance of having that source published?

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