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Pierce T. Wetter III pierce at twinforces.com
Fri Mar 14 07:19:02 PDT 2008

>> I would support 1).  Because of consistency.
>> For example,
>> defaults = NSUserDefaults.standardUserDefaults
>> defaults.objectForKey('key').upcase!
>> It is intended to replace a string in the user defaults with upcase  
>> one. With auto-conversion, it would seem to work at a glance. But  
>> it won't change the string in the user defaults.
>> Isn't it confusing?
> Excellent sample, indeed. Modifications to the auto-converted object  
> won't be reflected in the previous object.
> I think we can live with 1), especially since it's very  
> straightforward to work around by using a non-destructive method or  
> creating a mutable copy. And all objects created from Ruby will be  
> mutable anyway, so from a pure Ruby perspective there will not be  
> any difference with the current implementation.

   Definitely a great example, you convinced me immediately. So at  
least one user votes "yeah, throw an exception". I suggest though that:

    1. Make a wiki entry about the issue.

    2. Put link to wiki entry in the exception.

   But that's just me because I get tired of Googling for every  
exception so I can figure out what it means...


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