[MacRuby-devel] a modest request

Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Sun Apr 5 09:31:03 PDT 2009

At 08:51 -0600 4/5/09, Matt Aimonetti wrote:
> MacPerl? Hey, what happened to macruby? ...

Yeah^3.  What's really embarrassing is that I've made that
braino before on this list.  Sigh.

Eloy is certainly correct about OSS letting folks add features
for themselves.  However, this particular situation is (IMHO)
one which calls for effort by the "core team".  Specifically:

  *  Simply figuring out which parts of the interpreter are
     involved would be a major undertaking for any "luser".

  *  Even offering patches to the interpreter, in its current
     state of rapid change, might cause Laurent and company
     to lose time and/or focus.

So, I'll leave this as a request: if there are things that the
core team easily can do to keep the PPC code running in some
fashion, please do so.

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