[MacRuby-devel] Tutorials and Xcode

Martin Kay mjkay at stanford.edu
Wed Apr 8 05:48:35 PDT 2009

I see occasional references of tutorials on the list, and I look  
forward to their appearance with eagerness.  But I fear that their  
usefulness may be be greatly reduced, as have so many in the past, by  
their attachment to XCode.  I do not know whether XCode is a good or a  
bad thing for developers because it is totally beyond my  
comprehension. I do know that it gives rise to a "lead by the hand"  
style of tutorial from which it is difficult to learn anything.  You  
know the kind of thing: "Click on this; type in that; drag this from  
here to there; click on that, and voilà!".  But no attempt is made to  
provide a model form which one could understand this moves, or to  
produce a sequence of events that would achieve the result *I* have in  
mind.  Examples are, or course, indispensible, so long as one can see  
what it is that they exemplify.  Maybe someone could explain, as well  
as exemplify XCode or, alternatively, do MacRuby without it.


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