[MacRuby-devel] The "right" way to use gems

Alex Vollmer alex.vollmer at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 23:23:03 PDT 2009

One question I have is what the proper expectations are for using Ruby  
gems within a Macruby application. For example, I wanted to use the  
HTTParty gem for some web service processing since it provides a nice,  
succinct interface. However the gem won't load in MacRuby because of  
an issue with REXML (I can provide details if necessary). The gem  
works in 1.9 YARV, so my guess is that it's some difference in the  
Ruby REXML classes between MacRuby 0.4 and YARV.

Is the "right" way to do things is to use NSURL and not bother with  
gems, or should I file bugs about the issue with REXML? I know there's  
a ton of effort going into getting 0.5 out the door, so if the primary  
goal of MacRuby is to provide a Ruby language interface to the Obj-C  
runtime, fixing defects in the porting effort from YARV may be of  
secondary concern.

If it's considered good-form to use gems, then what's the right way to  
package gems in an application? The only way I could get it working  
was to manipulate the gem_path in the rb_main.rb to point to a local  
gems installation (think like vendor/gems in a rails project).


Alex V.

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