[MacRuby-devel] The "right" way to use gems

Guillaume BELLEGUIC guillaume.belleguic at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 23:36:12 PDT 2009

in a hotcocoa project i have unpack gem in a vendor/gems directory  
then i use them as simple library not as gems.
i use this script to load them at boot time :

gems/*", __FILE__)).each do |gem|
   $:.unshift File.join(gem, 'lib')

Le 18 avr. 09 à 08:23, Alex Vollmer a écrit :

> One question I have is what the proper expectations are for using  
> Ruby gems within a Macruby application. For example, I wanted to use  
> the HTTParty gem for some web service processing since it provides a  
> nice, succinct interface. However the gem won't load in MacRuby  
> because of an issue with REXML (I can provide details if necessary).  
> The gem works in 1.9 YARV, so my guess is that it's some difference  
> in the Ruby REXML classes between MacRuby 0.4 and YARV.
> Is the "right" way to do things is to use NSURL and not bother with  
> gems, or should I file bugs about the issue with REXML? I know  
> there's a ton of effort going into getting 0.5 out the door, so if  
> the primary goal of MacRuby is to provide a Ruby language interface  
> to the Obj-C runtime, fixing defects in the porting effort from YARV  
> may be of secondary concern.
> If it's considered good-form to use gems, then what's the right way  
> to package gems in an application? The only way I could get it  
> working was to manipulate the gem_path in the rb_main.rb to point to  
> a local gems installation (think like vendor/gems in a rails project).
> Cheers,
> Alex V.
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