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Matt Aimonetti mattaimonetti at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 13:25:23 PDT 2009

Very good point about Leopard. Maybe Vincent can shine in since he's  
still on Leopard.

My guess is that the beta/rc1 will be built for leopard/snow leopard.  
What kind of problems did you have while trying to build from trunk?

FYI, Instead if doing a LLVM svn update, It turned out easier to just  
checkout a new version of the repo.

- Matt

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On Oct 6, 2009, at 12:42, Niket Patel <nexneo at me.com> wrote:

> Thanks, But build for snow leopard only. I'm still on Leopard.
> I'm not saying recipe is needed for this topic, just mentioning it  
> is really hard and unpredictable on 32 bit system. Mainly because  
> most developers working on 64 bit snow leopard.
> Btw, Blogging on small stuffs that can help to understand tricky  
> areas is really great.
> On Oct 7, 2009, at 12:55 AM, Matt Aimonetti wrote:
>> That's why we provide you with nightly builds: http://www.macruby.org/downloads.html 
>>  :)
>> While this is indeed something a bit challenging, most developers  
>> shouldn't have to do it and therefore I don't think a recipe is  
>> really needed. (you basically just have to follow the readme).
>> On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 11:59 AM, Niket Patel <nexneo at me.com> wrote:
>> Compiling MacRuby was lot harder when last I checked. :-)   
>> Specially on 32 bit leopard. Then I give up.
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