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#425: RSpec not working
 Reporter:  jens.nockert@…          |       Owner:  lsansonetti@…        
     Type:  defect                  |      Status:  new                  
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Comment(by honglilai@…):

 I confirm that RSpec is still broken, though I'm not sure whether it's for
 the same reasons the original reporter reported. This is what I get when
 trying to run the test suite for daemon_controller:

 [hongli at Minato daemon_controller (master)]$ macspec -f s -c
 core:in `const_missing:': uninitialized constant Formatter (NameError)
         from core:in `<main>'
         from core:in `eval:'
         from core:in `map'
         from options.rb:in `load_formatters:'
         from options.rb:in `formatters'
         from reporter.rb:111:in `formatters'
         from reporter.rb:in `start:'
         from example_group_runner.rb:in `prepare'
         from example_group_runner.rb:in `run'
         from options.rb:in `run_examples'
         from command_line.rb:in `run'

 There's actually also another issue here: the backtrace doesn't always
 contain the line number and the filename is not absolute. While with some
 work I can figure out where options.rb is, I don't know which line in
 options.rb the exception was thrown.

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