[MacRuby-devel] OpenGL/GLUT Bridgesupport

Jonathan Waddilove Jonathan at waddilove.net
Wed Jan 20 11:14:14 PST 2010

Hi, I'm back to using MacRuby again and I'm confused about Bridge Support.

I have been using the excellent sojaster port of the Cocoa OpenGL example to help develop an OpenGL playpen. However, when I started using glut calls (glutBitmapCharacter, glutStrokeString, etc) I started to get problems.

It seems that the OpenGL glut.framework (10.6.2) doesn't include bridge support. I've tried using gen_bridge_metadata to add bridge support but without success.

Should glut work in MacRuby? How does one add BridgeSupport to the Apple shipped frameworks?

Sorry if I have missed some very obvious step.

regards and thanks,  Jonathan

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