[MacRuby-devel] [MacRuby] #571: #respond_to? should return false for unimplemented methods

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#571: #respond_to? should return false for unimplemented methods
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 MRI >= 1.9.2's #respond_to? method now returns false for unimplemented
 methods. By "unimplemented" I mean methods which are #defined as
 rb_f_notimplement in the MRI 1.9 source code. rb_f_notimplemented is a
 method which raises NotImplementedErrror.

 An example of this is Process.fork, implemented on MRI 1.9 as rb_f_fork.
 The #fork method is defined on all platforms, even on platforms where fork
 is not actually supported (i.e. rb_f_fork is #defined to
 rb_f_notimplemented). However Process.respond_to?(:fork) now returns false
 instead of true on these platforms.

 MacRuby should follow this behavior.

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