[MacRuby-devel] OpenGL/GLUT Bridgesupport

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at apple.com
Sat Jan 23 14:41:32 PST 2010

Why stop there?   As we start to accumulate a growing collection of code samples and "conventional wisdom" about how to solve certain types of problems, it would be nice to get all of that information properly categorized and up on the project web site (specifically somewhere linked from https://www.macruby.org/documentation.html).  It would nicely compliment all the various tutorials and screencasts already there, most of which tend to give the reader a basic intro to MacRuby ("Here's how to build your first Cocoa app in IB!") and then leave all the really hairy stuff which follows as an exercise for the reader. :-)

- Jordan

On Jan 23, 2010, at 6:19 AM, Jonathan Waddilove wrote:

> It would be great if we could assemble a web page that documents some of the required knowledge on MAcRuby Pointers for OpenGL.
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